Since the dawn of time, we’ve shared stories. They remind us of who we were, who we are, and who we wish to be. Through Story our ancestors speak to us – passing on Wisdom and Truth from the past. And, stories prepare us for the future…if only we Listen.

Three Stories for Christmas 2016

For the Holiday season, we bring you an all new episode of Listen featuring three wonderful tales for Christmas!

  • Alton Chung telling “Sagebrush Santa”– Find more about Alton’s work on his Website
  • Lyn Ford telling “Great Aunt Katherine’s Turkeys” – Find more about Lyn’s work on her Website
  • Stas Ziolkowski telling “Father Joe’s Christmas” – Find out more about Stas at the NSN Website

Recorded Live at the 2015 Three Rivers Storytelling Festival

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